Player Unknown Battleground To Be Released on Mobile

Player Unknown Battleground To Be Released on Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battleground to be legalized in China, it is planned to released on mobile platform soon.


Tencent will be releasing a mobile port version of PUBG by retaining as many features of the pc version of Player Unknown’s Battleground. PUBG is one of the fastest spreading games in 2017, player database is rising day by day and it is also awarded as “Best Game Of The Year 2017” award by Esports Industry Awards. PUBG holds all time highest record for concurrent player count on Steam.


PUBG is very popular in China region, players are eager for it’s legal launch in China as PUBG is currenty banned there because of being “too bloddy and deviating from the tradional socialist core values of China”. Tecent will remove all of these issues as per chinese officials before publishing.

Player Unknown’s Battleground is widely popular all regions i.e Asia, Europe, America. PUBG is also releasing on XBOX One in December 2017 courtesy of “Microsoft”. Chinese players will be able to enjoy and play PUBG legally on PC, XBOX One & Mobile platform too.

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