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In this series of blog posts, we’ve invited tech YouTuber and experienced PC architect James Cousins of GeekaWhat to break down how to get from peasant to powerhouse as quickly, and affordably, as possible.

Everyone’s Doing It

The gaming hardware market broke US$30 billion for the first time in history just this year. This means that I get more and more people asking me questions about why they should build their own gaming PC and how to do it.

Whilst YouTube is filled with different tutorials on the subject, many of these either get lost in technical jargon or dive in head first without stopping to explain the advantages of building in the first place! This can often lead people to give up and hand over the gloves to the likes of Alienware.

But you shouldn’t do that. And I will tell you why in simple, plain language. I want to go through how to build a PC that looks great, saves you money, and performs like an ice dragon that’s been resurrected from the dead. Or is it just a fire dragon on the blue team? I don’t know.

Top 3 Reasons to Build Your Own Desktop PC vs. Prebuilt Options

Here’s why you should do it with your own bare hands and with this face:


Better Price vs. Performance

We haven’t all got insane amounts of cash to splash, and even if you do, you still want to get good value for money. Building a system yourself cuts out the middleman and makes sure you get as much umph for you cash as possible! You can even run your parts at faster speeds than their standard configurations by investing in a good aftermarket cooler and some overclocking basics.


Choosing the Best Parts Over and Over Again

When that new graphics card comes out that can run the latest games on ultra high graphics settings, you have two options – you either buy a whole new laptop or desktop, or you just buy the card and upgrade your PC! In the long-run you save money, hassle and get to choose the parts you want without compromise.


Creating the Look and Layout You Want

Choosing a PC certainly isn’t one size fits all, and the customization afforded on size, shape and function when you choose your own parts is endless. Cases that focus on swappable internal layouts like the MasterCase Pro 3, which I used in a recent build , give you room to put more of what you need, for example.


Top 3 Excuses Why You Won’t Build It Yourself, and Why They’re Wrong

You might come back and say, that’s all well and good, but…

But, I anticipated your but. And here’s my rebuttal:


“It still takes a million hours to build a PC. Not worth it?”

I can build a PC in under an hour, and I can take you through the process in less than 3 hours. You’ll also save money in most cases over an equivalent pre-built PC that has the same hardware inside.


“What’s the point of having such a powerful PC?”

It’s like driving a car — once you own one, the thought of walking and waiting for the tube/subway/metro crammed with all those people feels dreadful. You get buttery smooth realism and immersion in games and all kinds of media, and flawless operation for the rest of your so-called ‘normal’ PC tasks, like spreadsheets! Yes, spreadsheets!


“It’s difficult and I’m going to break something.”

The best way to look at building a PC is like an adult version of Lego. It really is a case of 6+ ready built parts that need to be connected with some cables, and screwed into their appropriate places. It’s actually really difficult to break anything: I’ve dropped an entire motherboard, sticks of RAM and CPUs straight onto the hard floor, and have had no issues (though I really would not recommend it)!

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