Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions 2018

We are glad to announce the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions 2018, inviting enthusiasts who love PC Games to join us in a gamers-gathering concept tournament where we will be able to gather and share our passion in gaming together. Gamers from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand will be competing in the Regional Qualifier where the winner of each countries will eventually get the opportunity to participate at the Grand Finals on 21 July, 2018 taking place at Battle Arena, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

Since the main objective of the event is to gather like-minded enthusiasts who likes PC games, Cooler Master feels that the most suitable game title for the event is the trending PLAYERSUNKONW’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). It is a game not only suitable professional eSports gamers but also casual gamers as well.

Cooler Master’s group of gamers will also be attending the event, namely The Face Gaming, & Malaysia Battlefield Team from Malaysia and TEAM nxl> & Female Fighter from Indonesia.

Mineski Events Team (MET) will organize the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions 2018. MET continuously delivers optimal eSports tournaments for both aspiring and professional gamers across Asia.

Circle of Champions


India - 2PM, 30/6/2018
Singapore - 2PM, 1/7/2018
Malaysia - 2PM, 7/7/2018
Indonesia - 2PM, 8/7/2018
Thailand - 2PM, 14/7/2018


Battle Arena, Malaysia - 21/7/2018

1. Player Eligibility Requirements

All players participating in “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions” must meet the following eligibility requirements.

1.1. Minimum Age Requirements

Player under the age of 18 is prohibited from participating the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions ” which includes middle school, high school students.

1.2. Player Eligibility

All players must have a “STEAM PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUNDS” account made with the player’s own name and provide the identification when participating in the qualifiers.

1.3. Player Registration

SQUAD team can register up to five (5) players formed with four (4) members in order to play squad mode.

1.5. Registration for Foreign Players

No foreign players is allowed.


2. Team Rules and Roster

2.1. Team Sponsorships

Each team is free to attract its own sponsor and there are no limitations to the number of sponsors.

However, any sponsor or product/services harmful to or detrimental to the youth, harmful to any traditional custom, or ill-suited for broadcast review and reception will not be allowed to be exposed for any team participating in “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions” tournament. All final decisions about allowing sponsors or the products / services will be made from the Mineski Events Team (MET).

The following is a list of examples that cannot be exposed as a sponsor product/service in “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions”

  • Items that are banned for manufacturing and distribution in Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand
  • Gambling-related services
  • Illegal drugs
  • Adult materials (pornography)
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
2.2. Roster Registration

Each squad must submit a participating list of four (4) to five (5) players (further “Roster”) until a due date assigned by the MET. Only players registered in the roster is allowed participate in the tournament and must have a proof of a participating country citizenship.

You must provide at least one of the followings to prove that you are either a citizen or a legal resident:

  • Social security card
  • Driver’s license
  • Copy of resident registration

Teams must provide requested information about the players which includes player’s name, date of birth, steam account, steam account number, in-game nickname, contact number, etc. Submitted roster is valid until the end date of the tournament.

2.4. Active Roster

Each team must participate with the four (4) members registered in the roster in a match. Exceptions to the roster change will not be allowed and if a player is unable to participate in the tournament due to a personal reason, the team can play the match as a three (3) – men squad as the minimum. However, any number below three (3) members in a team participating in the match will result in a forfeit for the match day.

Active roster within the registered roster can be changed between the match day, but cannot be changed during the match, between rounds.

※ Minimum number of players must be three (3) or more. Team will be disqualified if lower than three (3)

2.5. Squad Name, Logo and IGN

Squad name and Player IGN may not contain any special symbols such as abusive or profane words that goes against or harm to any customs. Words and phrases that may go against the broadcasting regulations may not be used. This includes the squad logo as well.

MET will confirm the player IGNs before using in tournament and may not change it during the season. However, MET, under reasonable circumstances, may change the IGN after review. In addition, MET may request for an IGN change whenever at will.

2.5.1. Team Logo

All participating teams in “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions” must submit a team logo before the due date. Team without a logo may be restricted from participating in the tournament.

2.5.2. Squad Name

Squad name must be sent to the organizers with a full name. MET will gather and manage the squad names

2.5.3. Player In-game Name

Player IGN must be created through a form designated by MET. MET will gather and manage the player IGN.

3. Player Equipment (Grand Finals)

3.1. Equipment Provided by the Organizer

MET will provide the hardware listed below for all participating players and players may only use the provided devices.

3.1.1. PC & Monitor / Table & Chairs / Voice System

MET will select and determine all provided electronics with their sole discretion.

3.2. Player / Team Equipment

Player or Squad can use his/her own peripherals within the tournament arena. However, MET is not obliged to provide the following devices to the player, the player or the team must prepare the devices on his/her own. IF a player or a squad is unable to prepare her/her own peripherals for the tournament, player can inform MET to provide the following peripherals 7 days before the tournament date. MET will provide the following peripherals, but any conditions or problems caused from the devices given will be player’s responsibility.

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Earphone or Headset (3.5mm jack or USB)

Peripherals that may provide an unfair advantage to anyone may not be used in the tournament. In addition, any peripherals that may hinder security, safety or operational efficiency will be prohibited by MET discretion. MET shall notice the changes to all the teams and players should understand and must cooperate with the MET.

3.3. Change of Equipment

Player can request for a technical checkup whenever a player thinks there is a technical problem with his/her peripherals at any time. By request, referee can check, confirm and fix the problem by replacing the peripherals with problems. All decisions regarding the replacing of the device will be solely on the discretion of the referee.

However, if a problem is found with peripherals during the match, it will be considered that the player had enough time to set up the equipment but did not check the equipment during that time. The round will continue with the current peripherals and will be allowed to change for the next round. However, if the player must change the personal peripherals from having a difficulty playing the game, any death, hits or disadvantage that may happen during the time will not be compensated.

3.4. Player Attire

All players must wear the official uniform provided by Cooler Master before, during and after the match and interviews and may not wear any other clothes at those times. Players are not permitted to wear other attire other than the official uniform provided by Cooler Master unless it was pre-approved from MET. MET will call the judgments about the appropriateness of attire of the players and both teams and players must accept the changes needed followed by the judgment. Only in special circumstances, a player may request the needs to MET. MET will determine with reasonable discretion.

Change of uniform due to changing or addition of sponsor must be pre-approval from the MET and the change should not harm the tradition and identity of the team.

※ If you violate the dress code above, you will be given a warning.

3.5. Use of Software

No player can install any program in the tournament PC. Only the installed programs can be used.

3.5.1. Voice Chat

Players can use the voice chat programs provided by the MET, any other programs are prohibited. However, when there is a problem in the provided voice chat system, by the judgment of referees, other programs may be used and MET will monitor the voice chat of all team.

3.5.2. Use of Voice Chat

MET may record squad’s voice chat during the tournament and can be used for reasoning a problem and must understand and agree on making another broadcasting programs based on squad’s voice chat.

3.5.3. Unnecessary Programs

Players can only use authorized programs which includes “PUBG Corporation” and “STEAM” from the tournament PC and may not use any other programsHowever, programs that is allowed by the MET may be installed and applied with the agreement from the referee and MET.

3.5.4. Social Media and Network

Posting of confidential internal information and photos on the site, into any social media network or internet websites such as the followings using tournament PC is prohibited. This includes all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), online community posts, e-mail and instant messages.

3.5.5. Unnecessary Devices

Player are prohibited from connecting any unnecessary devices such as cellphones, USB, or MP3 player to the tournament PC.

3.6. Another Players’ Equipment

After the match starts, a player may not touch or use another player’s peripherals based on one’s discretion and the player must request aid from the referee.

5. Tournament Structure

5.1. Definitions

5.1.1. Round

A round is defined by a competition between all teams in a pre-selected map and game mode by the organizer until a winner is decided.

5.1.2. Match

A match is defined by a set of rounds in which teams compete against each other.

5.2. Progressive Details

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Championswill be held in 4-men Squad Mode for all matches. Game client server and account will be running in the version that the organizers provide.

5.2.1. Qualifiers Game Mode

  • Game Mode and Map
1 TPP Erangel
2 FPP Erangel
3 FPP Erangel
4 TPP Miramar
5 FPP Miramar
6 FPP Miramar

Every match will have 6 rounds per day. Game mode will change every round, but the map will run twice in a row as mentioned above. Sunny whether mode only.


  • Circle

  • Drop Table
 Sniper Rifles 1.3x
 Assault Rifles 1.3x
 Hunting Rifles 1.3x
 LMGs 1.3x
 SMGs 1.5x
 Shotguns 1.3x
 Handguns 1.5x
 Throwables 1.3x
 Melee 1.3x
 Crossbow 1.3x
 Flaregun 0x


 Scope 1.3x
 Magazine  1.3x
 Muzzle 1.3x
 Stock, Foregrip 1.3x


 Med Kit 1.3x
 First Aid 1.3x
 Painkiller 1.3x
 Energy Drink 1.3x
 Bandage 1.3x
 Jerry Can 1.3x


 Bag Lv1 1.3x
 Bag Lv2 1.3x
 Bag Lv3 1.3x
 Helmet Lv1 1.3x
 Helmet Lv2 1.3x
 Helmet Lv3 0x
 Armor Lv1 1.3x
 Armor Lv2 1.3x
 Armor Lv3 1.3x


 Costumes 1.0x
 Ammunitions 1.8x Win Points

“Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions” applies to SQUAD match points only. 15 points per kill for each team.

1 500
2 410
3 345
4 295
5 250
6 210
7 175
8 145
9 120
10 100
11 80
12 65
13 50
14 40
15 30
16 20
17 15
18 10
19 5
20 0 In case of tied points

When there is tied points between the teams, the following in order will determine the rank.

  • Squad with higher total kill
  • Squad with higher final round total point
  • Squad with higher rank in the final round

6. Match Procedure

6.1. Schedule

All Regional Qualifier matches schedule is based on Local Time.

6.2. Schedule Changes

MET, in its sole discretion with reasonable grounds, can change the schedule of the matches and the match of the day. MET will notice the affected teams as quickly as possible regarding the change of schedules.

6.3. Arrival Time

6.3.1. Player behavior

Participating squad must arrive at the arena before the time noticed by MET. After the arrival, players must seat in their assigned seats by the referee and may not leave his seat until the match is over. Violating this rule may result in penalties on the player or the squad at the discretion of the organizers and the referee.

In addition, when a player from the roster does not arrive by the match starting time, the game will begin as a 3-men squad. If a squad fails to have at least two (2) players at the arena, the team’s match result for the day will be recorded as a forfeit. The match will carry out even if all the player setting is not finished because the player failed to meet the set time.

6.4. Referee

6.4.1. Referee’s Responsibility

Referee is a member MET who is responsible for making decisions on all game related issues, questions and situations that occur before, after or in the middle of a game. The referee makes decisions based on this regulation and it will have an absolute effect. The referee has the responsibility of all decisions made. The following includes the role of the referee:

  • Check Squad Roster for every match
  • Check tournament PC and monitor the surroundings
  • Check of squad’s arrival to the arena, to the booth, teams to be ready
  • Declare the start of a game
  • Give penalties due to violations of tournament regulation
  • Call the end of the match and checking the results
  • Receive objections and respond

6.4.2. Referee’s Behavior

The referee must always solemn act and make fair ruling at any time. Referee may not favor or have prejudice towards any player, team, coach or staff.

6.4.3. Final Decision of a Judgment

When a referee clearly declares a wrong decision on his judgment, the squad can make an objection to turn over the original judgment. In addition, the MET can, with reasonable grounds, check and look over the referee’s procedure of his judgment for the fairness of the teams. If the referee made a judgment without following the procedures, MET can invalidate and reverse the decision of the referee and may impose a sanction against the referee. During the tournament, MET has the power to make all final decisions.

6.4.4. Discipline of the Referee

If a referee declares an unfair judgment, misconduct, unsportsmanlike conduct, commit acts that may cause social issues inside / outside or the arena, MET may take disciplinary action against the referee.

  • Fine
  • Salary Reduction
  • Suspension

6.5. Game Settings before the Match

6.5.1. Setting Time

In order to be ready for the match, players will have the time needed to finish their settings (further “Setting Time”) before the match starts, before the first round and will have given time to play a test game. Player must be ready and finish the setting of the keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. before the match starts.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the setting time will be given to 30 minutes. Player must finish the settings during this time and confirm it with the referee. MET can always change the time with fair reasoning, and the setting time will start the moment when the players enter the booth. Players may not leave the booth after entering without the permission from the referee. Even with the permission referee must follow the player when outside the booth. The followings are allowed for setup during the time:

  • Check the quality of the provided hardware & peripherals
  • Connect the peripherals and calibrate
  • Verify and adjust the voice chat system
  • In-game settings (including the language)
  • Detailed in-game settings

6.5.2. Seating

All players must follow the designated seat assigned by the MET.

6.5.3. Technical Problems

When player finds out a technical problem of any device, player must notice the referee of such info.

6.5.4. Technical Support

The referee waits in the booth for any needed technical support during the Setting time.

6.5.5. Comply with Match starting time

Unless specifically mentioned to MET, all players must be done with settings before the match starts and the match must start at the scheduled time. The referee can delay the match from starting when there is a setting problem. Delay caused by player or team’s irresponsible action, MET can impose a penalty to the team.

6.5.6. Game Setting and Confirmation

At least five (5) minutes before the match, referee will check if all players have finished their settings. Any problem that happens after the initial check, will be solely responsible or the player. But, problems caused by the negligence of Organizers will be an exception.

6.5.7. Custom Match

MET will create the custom match lobby. Players must join into the custom match as soon as the settings are finished followed by the referee’s instructions.

7. Tournament Rules

7.1. Game Screen

Starting from the moment the match starts, player may not change their window (Alt + Tab, Ctrl + ESC, etc) to another screen and if this causes any sorts of troubling situation, player may be given a suspension

7.2. Operating Programs

Players must install and run all the programs that are necessary for the tournament operation and broadcast by MET. Programs may not be terminated from one’s discretion and if the program becomes the reason of a problem, MET will decide and inform the player about closing a program.

  • NVIDIA GeForce Experience highlight save function
  • Voice chat programs
  • Other source programs that the organizers use

7.3. Disconnection

When there is an unintentional disconnection from the game, the player will try to reconnect to the game with referee’s supervision. If there is a situation where the game does not reconnect over three times, with the discretion of MET, compensation of additional points will be carried out. If a player intentionally disconnects from the game, the player and the team of that specific player will be given a warning or forfeit the match depending on the judgment from MET

7.4. Rematch

7.4.1. In case of In-game bugs

If a player is caught in a terrain or materials that cannot be physically moved or placed in a game or is trapped in a box or an object from a forced movement, vehicle explosions will not be reasons for a re-match and the player will be responsible for such actions and situations as follows:

  • Trying to go pass or through a narrow wire hole, wire fence, or buildings.
  • Parking a car too closely to the building’s wall or object that will make a character to be stuck in between.
  • Car explosion due to a car getting stuck in a low terrain while driving in high speed
  • Motorcycle (including trike motorcycle) getting stuck to a truck, objective, terrain, landscape, etc. causing an explosion of the motorcycle while in motion.
  • Knocks or deaths from motorcycle unnaturally flying in the air while riding causing fall damage.
  • Dies from the circle or shots from another player by getting stuck to a specific area in the map unable to get out.
  • When two players are stuck in between the door, unable to play

If a player uses a bug moving to a location, object or terrain that are not supposed to physically be able to go in-game and shoots or kill any other player, the team with the player who used the in-game bug will lose all their kill points and be placed at the lowest rank for that specific round.

7.4.2. Re-match Conditions

The following are the cases where a rematch can be established due to a problem

MET may order a rematch if the following occurs and all the players must follow:

  • Situation where the referee thinks that there is an unfair gaming environment.
  • Situation where the referee decides that the game can’t be continued normally due to a technical difficulty. Exceptions, player’s personal mistake and carelessness
  • Situation where the game stops or freezes in the loading screen not being able to move
  • When there are missing players before the flight starts
  • The match starts and the plane flies, but not everyone is boarded on the plane
  • Situation where one or more player does not get on the plane and start the game from the starting point.
  • Situation where one or more player may not able to play the game because of unintentional in-game bug within the first minute of the first circle.
  • Situation where the match starts, but not everyone is boarded on the plane

Additionally, when there is a disconnection like the situations below, there may be a rematch decided by the organizers after at least three (3) times of reconnect tries.

  • Situation where there is a problem with the devices (PC or broadcasting devices) provided by the organizer
  • Situation where it is impossible to connect due to a problem with game server or studio network service.
  • In case of a fire, power outage or an accidental disaster.

7.4.3. Compensation Points Possible situations for compensation Points

In situation where a player/team cannot reconnect to the game due to a hardware, network or location issue on the Organizer’s side during a round. In situations when compensation points cannot be obtained
  • If the problem is caused by personal device
  • If the problem is solved and the player is able to participate and end the round normally.
  • Circumstances under which a player intentionally caused a problem. If found with evidence, player will be immediately disqualified Compensation Points Calculation
  • Compensation points will be given to the team with a missing round once the match is over.
  • The average kill of all the rounds that finished normally will be added to the round that the player was disconnected as compensation points. (round up to a natural number)
  • If a player with 2.45 kills average after all rounds was disconnected in a round, 24.5 points will round up to 25 points as the additional compensation points.
  • If the compensation point is lower than the kill point distribution, the lowest compensation point will equal to 1 kill point amount as the compensation point.
  • The maximum amount of compensation point that a team can receive during the tournament will be the difference in points between the 1st place and 2nd place. (500 – 365 = 135pt)

7.5. Post-match Procedure

7.5.1. Result

All participating squad must let the referee check and record with a screenshot after all of the team member has fallen in game after taking hands off the keyboard and mouse.

7.5.2. Report Technical Problems

When player finds a technical problem, discuss with the referee.

7.5.3. Waiting time

Referee will notice the players before the time left until the next game. If a team member is missing by the match starting time, the referee can join the game lobby instead. Missing a person from a team until the airplane starts will be considered as a forfeit and lose the match.

7.5.4. Result of a Forfeit

When a team forfeits a match, the team will score the lowest win point as the result.

7.5.5. Notice

Each team will be notified of their current rank and the next match schedule

7.5.6. Post-match Obligations

Players must faithfully carry out his post-match obligations as announced by MET, including media appearances, interviews and further discussion of the tournament.

8. Organizer's Authoriy

8.1. Final Decisions

The interpretation of these rules, eligible players, tournament schedule and all final decisions concerning the penalties for misconduct can be exercised in accordance with the judgment of the Organizers, Mineski Events Team (MET).

8.2. Regulation Changes

MET may edit, change this regulation in order to keep the tournament clean and fair to all teams and notice the changes to all players and related personnel.

8.3. Penalty

MET may grant penalties to the players for a smooth operation of the tournament. Thus so, when a player is found to have violated a regulation, organizers may impose the following penalties

8.3.1. Verbal warning

8.3.2. Caution

8.3.3. Warning (when two (2) Cautions are accumulated)

  • 100-point reduction per warning.
  • 100-point reduction per every other warning without a maximum cap.
    Example) 2 warnings equal to 200-point reduction / 3 warnings equal to 300-point reduction
8.3.4. Fines or confiscation of prize

In the event of social disruption, defamation or insult to others, MET may direct the team to reduce the prize money in the event of a delay of match due to frequent tardiness.

  • Disqualified teams will receive 25% prize reduction

8.4. Recording of the Match

MET have the rights to collect and use all the recorded data related to the match and players and coaching staff must be willing to cooperate with the request from MET. For online qualifiers , Each team members must record and submit their recorded gameplay if any squad so wishes to see it. The accuser must also submit their recorded gameplay . If both accused and accuser did not submit their recorded gameplay upon mentioned, both teams will be disqualified. If any of either fail to present their recorded gameplay, those squads will get immediate disqualification.

8.5. Team Name & Logo

MET may use the team’s name, logo, brand, trademark, or symbol for all “PUBG Corporation” related management, promotion, broadcast and for public information releases.

8.6. Personality Rights for Players and Coaching Staff

MET may use player names, aliases, nicknames, abbreviations, descriptions, images, photographs, animations, look, signature, speech, history, demographic information, etc. that are included in the relevant laws of the players for all “PUBG Corporation” related management, promotion, broadcast and for public information releases.

8.7. Promotion Activity

MET may request a player to participate in the promotional activity related with “PUBG Corporation” and the player shall cooperate with the request at a reasonable level. Promotion may include broadcasting, profile photos, media interviews and promotional opening videos or commercials.

8.8. Response when a Team Drops Out

If one (1) or more team(s) drop out from “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions” due to dissolution, release, withdrawal or disqualification, MET, with its own discretion, may change and apply the tournament regulation, format, schedule, and the rank method.

9. Copyright

9.1. Scope of Copyright

All the copyright of “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions” will be bound to the host (PUBG Corp) and this copyright includes the rights to the followings:

  • All videos related with “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions”
    • (including the videos made from 3rd parties)
  • The right to use photos and images
  • Personality rights of the participating/invited players during the tournament
  • “Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions ” Trademarks
9.2. Copyright Claims and Disputes Related Matter

Even though players play the game, player may not stream or edit the player video without the agreement with MET through any internet related media. When violated, MET may make legal claims against the player. In addition, if there are legal proceedings due to not following the copyright rules or the regulation, the first instance court must be at the district court in Seoul Central District Court.

10. Interpreting Regulation

Misinterprets of this regulation or unregulated problematic situations will be resolved in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. When there are no relevant laws, regulation will be interpreted accordance with the usual or customary principle of good faith. If there are any mistranslated, misinterpreted regulation in between the English version of the rulebook and the Korean version of the rulebook, Korean version will have the priority in all interpretation and decisions.



MasterKeys Pro L White LED x4

MasterMouse MM530 x4

*Flight tickets & Stay for the finals in Malaysia

Runners Up

MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB x4



MasterKeys Pro M RGB x4

MasterMouse MM530 x4

*Flight tickets & Stay for the finals in Malaysia

Runners Up

MasterSet MS120 x4



MasterKeys Pro M RGB x4

MasterMouse MM530 x4

Runners Up

MasterSet MS120 x4



MasterKeys Pro L GeForce GTX Edition x4

Sentinel III x4

*Flight tickets & Stay for the finals in Malaysia

Runners Up

MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB x4



MasterKeys Pro S RGB x4

MasterMouse MM530 x4

*Flight tickets & Stay for the finals in Malaysia

Runners Up

MasterSet MS120 x4



MasterKeys MK750 x4

MasterLiquid ML240R RGB x4

RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad x4

Runners Up

MasterKeys Pro L RRGB x4

MasterLiquid ML120L RGB x4

RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad x4

3rd Placing

MasterKeys Pro L GeForce GTX Edition x4

MasterLiquid 120 x4

Swift-RX XL x4

Grand Finals on 21 July 2018