Team Raptors & Team BMW Clinched the India and Singapore Qualifiers for the Regional Circle of Champions 2018

Last weekend, on 30 June 2018, 20 Indian PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUGB) teams competed in Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions – India Qualifier and Team Raptors emerged a well-deserved win by leading the matches from the start till the end. Throughout the tournament, although there was some streaming (buffering) issue at some point of the Live Stream, some die-hard Indian supporter stood together with us throughout the tournament. We were really grateful with it. With that, Team Raptors will proudly represent India in the Grand Finals at Battle Arena, Malaysia on the 21 July 2018. Finishing in the second playing is Team GGwellplayed, led by Ninad ‘ColdBloooOD’ Jagade.

Team Raptors
1. Pratik ‘Aurumolof’ Mehra
2. Shubham ‘saddieboy’ Parth
3. Akshay Pratap ‘MASON-BHAI’ Singh
4. Sumeet ‘KakashiHatake007’ Bachani

On the other hand, the Singapore Qualifier took place the very next day, on the 1 July 2018. A contingent of 18 teams participated and Team BMW clinched the victory beating TE4M and MSK.Poseidon. Team BMW lead by Hu ‘kaNe_J’ Jianle finally got the first victory after finishing 3rd-placing at the recently concluded MET PUBG SG Qualifiers (SEA Championship) after go through some shuffling in their lineup recently. Team BMW will be the sole representative to the Grand Finals as well together with Team Raptors.

Team BMW
1. Hu ‘kaNe_J’ Jian Le
2. Chua ‘s2Chun’ Chun Zheng
3. Dickson ‘BMW_Void’ Loh
4. Bryan ‘gudetamaEGG’ Huan

Special thanks to Kiran ‘ShaDeSLaYer’ Noojibail, Ishaan ‘Captain Arya’ Arya and Ivan ‘Jinn’ See as the casters for the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions 2018.

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